Colt Pini

Hello, I'm Colt Pini

I make things better.

I am a Principal Ux Designer and Lead Web Developer. I have been working in the web for over 10 years. I am passionate about usability, accessibility, international considerations, making things simple, and my family.

I love my wife, Father of 4, I am an Italian American dual citizen, and I really like to fish and draw things.

Check out some of my stuff


My articles on Medium. I put some stuff I write there about development, design, and art.


If you would like to hire me, this is what I have done professionaly.

Isola Studio

A project I am working on. It brings together my passions in one project. It is still in infant stages, but is growing.

Some other things that I really like

My beliefs in Christ: I am trying to be like Jesus, it is a very big part of me.

My Family History: The tie to my roots. That is part of being an Italian American.

Charity Water: Helping people is what makes us lose our selfishness.

Loop: Ya, if you ever want to give me a gift, cross s1, just say'n.