Colt Pini

Colt Pini

“Focus on the user and all else will follow.” Google Ux Principles

Who am I?

A Principal Ux Designer and Web Development Lead. I have been working in the web for over 10 years. An Italian and American dual citizen. Passionate about usability, accessibility, international considerations, making things simple, and my family.

Work Experience

Over 10 years in Ux, Development, and Design.

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” Steve Jobs


If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants, and with a bunch of other people keeping us from falling., Branding and Component system
Role: Principal Ux Designer / Lead Developer / User Researcher

What needed to be fixed: had too many custom designs with custom development. We needed consistent design and development patterns.

What I did to fix it:

I lead a team that evaluated current patterns and started designing interaction and design patterns. We set up a system for updating and adding new patterns, broke down component structures into functional categories and documented for building, and educated designers and developers to use it. As a Developer, I lead the building of the component library as an enterprise system supporting over 135 languages and multiple style guides.

The results:

A dramatic decrease in cost and work time for each template. Reducing development and design time from weeks to hours.

Library Systems development and integration
Role: Ux Designer / Visual Designer / Developer / User Researcher

What needed to be fixed:

A content delivery and discovery solution needed to be created from several third party products and APIs and combined with new internally build products. These included tools to search and manage library and archival collections. These systems accounted for content from over 270,000 books, pamphlets, magazines, and newspapers; 240,000 collections of original, unpublished records (journals, diaries, correspondence, minutes, and so forth); 3.5 million patriarchal blessings for Church members; 13,000 photograph collections; and 23,000 audiovisual items

What I did to fix it:

Working with a fantastic product team we analyzed the different products and needs, defined the custom solutions, and mapped out the integrations. Then, with the dev team, we figured out how to build and hook up the products. I lead the front end effort as well as the product design effort for the custom built products, and the enhancements to the third party products.

The results:

Those who couldn't visit the library in person are now able to see previously inaccessible diaries, records, and photographs digitally. They could also order analog assets to be digitized. The solution tested extremely well among users and staff. The makers of the third party software asked me to present our solution to their international library software conference in Zurich Switzerland and have since incorporated many of our enhancements into their core products.

Electronic Advising Notebook
Role: Ux Designer / Visual Designer / Developer / User Researcher

What needed to be fixed:

The advisors needed a new system for taking notes on their appointments with students. It needed to be able to handle over 1.5 million student records.

What I did to fix it:

I lead the product design and started by shadowing our advisor group to understand what they currently did. After that I talked with the other developers to gather the technical requirements. I lead the front end and worked with the back end lead as we iterated over ideas and tested them with the advisors, leading up to a beta and final release. The final release was integrated into NAU's PeopleSoft implementation.

The results:

The advisor team was so excited with the release they talked to all the other advisors in the different colleges. The solution was expanded to a university wide solution and was written about in different publications. It has become a vital tool for the advisors.

“The best UX strategists work at the intersection of business and design.” Jared Spool


Along with my degree, working through school with a full time job and three kids was a big education.

“You know you have reached perfection in design, not when you can't add anything else, but when you can't take anything else away” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Design Skills

Design is far deeper than choosing colors, it is crafting experiences

Development Skills

When you know how something works, you then are free to use it to create.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo DiVinci